Media 02/12/08

Christmas is coming soon, and so are exams. I have an AS Media exam mid Januarary and i am almost certain that it will go well, i hope. For my exam i will have a radio play played to me, but only the first five minutes or so. I will not be able to take notes the first time round but it will be played again and it is only then that i will be able to take notes. I will then have to answer the question which relates to that play which could be about anything. It could be about how sound and speech is used or anything like that.

The situation as it stands is i am up to date on all of my assignments which you will find on my previous posts and i am running smoothly on my radio project although i will need to get the main part of the recording done very soon, which is the interview with my guest speaker. Other than that, i seem to be on task.

My only outstanding assignment is the one i am still working on, but it should be on between now and Friday 5th of December at the latest, which is the deadline.

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Brother Paul said...

Good coverage of the topic. There are some downsides to digital e.g the signal can sometimes be scrambled. Your comments about finding the children's radio audience again are interesting. It does offer greater diversity because you can put more stations onto each multiplex ( slice of bandwidth)