Media 30/03/2010

My trailer is now finished, it is currently on DVD and also on the video sharing website YOUTUBE. I have currently had 112 views and one comment, which had a positive outcome. I am hoping to get more comments but most importantly alot more critisism. This will allow me to see what was good and what needed to be worked on more.

Reflecting back on the video and watching it from time to time i think over all it went very well. However, i think that i could of spent more time working on a more dramatic cliffhanger.

I have already built a webpage to advertise the trailer using apples website building application IWEB. This allows you to easily build a ssimple website to go online, however mine is for project purposes and won't be going online.

I am currently making a poster using Corel Paintshop Pro by using screenshots from the trailer its self and merging it with one big background image of the college which will be in black and white.

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