Media 27/02/09

Proposals for Main Project.

Station ID: My Station ID will be Frome and West Wiltshire 107.5 3TR FM.

Jingle: My Jingle will comprise a mix of both jingle and voices to identify the station. This will be created in Garage Band.

News and Sound effects: My news will be based on local news which will be fake and there will be one true piece of national news.

As far as sound effects go, I will put in sound effects that relate to the story in the middle or at the end of a piece of speech. This will be good to do.

Editing: Once the jingle and recording is done, I will then edit the recordings down to a total of maybe 5 – 10 minutes, this will then be my whole project done. I will use Audacity to edit my recordings as this is the editing software I am most familiar with.

Fake News Stories – Local

“Now for the News at Noon on Frome and West Wiltshire’s 107.5 3TR FM”.

Local - Fake
News Just In - EWS train transporting 30 tanks of diesel collides into back of London bound train at Westbury train station at 12:45pm on Sunday, causing the freight to derail, Police evacuated the area due to fears of explosions. No one was hurt or killed, other than the driver for EWS who was taken into hospital in a serious but stable condition, and 7 people at the rear of the passenger train were treated on the scene for whiplash. Police say the station will be shut for a number of weeks while the crash scene is made safe and so that investigations can take place. The public are advised to revise their travel plans by logging onto the national rail website. Police are appealing for witnesses to contact them.

Drought raises the number of stroke victims in A & E at Frome’s General Hospital. Locals are advised to drink plenty of water over the next few days as there are fears of temperatures rising above 42’c.

Couple die in car crash at 5:30am, Monday on the A36 near Frome’s ASDA. The couple believed to be a 19 year old male and 21 year old female clipped a Mercedes Benz in their Renault Cleo whilst over taking a tractor causing the couples car to veer off into a tree. The Mercedes driver was unharmed and his car suffered only minor dents before spinning out, amazingly avoiding other traffic and obstacles, after pulling onto the hard shoulder the driver was able to call the emergency services. The Renault was a total write–off. Police are appealing for witnesses to contact them.

National News - Half Real, Half Fake.

Credit crunch effecting businesses all over the UK. Woolworths, Zavvi and Jane Norman have all been shut down due to the credit crunch. WHSmiths close down locally and in the southwest.

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Brother Paul said...

Plausible stories with opportunities for vox pop and actuality. You need now to work on structure - summary/lined audio packages and/or interviews.

For advice on writing for radio news see:


and for sample script structure see: