Media 09/05/09

News Script

Good afternoon, this is news at noon with me Luke Mitchell.

Today’s Headlines

BREAKING NEWS – Westbury’s Train station has been shut due to a collision between an EWS Freight Train and a stationary London Bound passenger train on Platform 3.

Couple die in car crash after overtaking a tractor on the A36, the car slightly clipped an on coming Mercedes which then caused the car to veer off into a tree.

Doctor’s erg the public to drink more water. That’s what consultants say at Frome’s General Hospital after a sharp rise in temperature has caused the number of stroke incidents to rise to it’s highest level in over a decade. Doctors are particularly worried about the teens and elderly as it is likely it will affect them the most. More Details in a few minutes.

Stories in detail.

Train Accident

Westbury Train station has now been closed down for a number of weeks, if not months while investigations take place after an EWS freight train collided into the back of a London Paddington bound train on platform 3. The driver of the EWS train was taken to hospital in a serious but stable condition and seven people who were on the London Bound train were treated on the scene for whiplash. It is not yet clear how the collision happened. Live at the scene we have our reporter with a witness of the accident. We now go live to the scene.

“Hi yes I am here at Westbury’s Railway Station and I have here a witness who has just seen the accident. So what did you see whilst you were on the platform?”
“Well the London train had just come in and people started to open doors and exit the train. I was stood at the rear of the train waiting to get on when I heard a loud horn being blown, the horn was being blown repeatedly and it started getting louder, I then heard the trains breaks. I looked round and saw the freight train crash into the back of my train which got shunted a few meters. Passengers standing up got thrown forward from the impact. After the crash, we got everyone off and out the station”.
“ok well thank you for that and we will keep you updated on whats happening throughout the week”

Car Crash

Other news now and a couple have died in a car accident on the A36 near Frome’s ASDA at approximately 5:30am this morning. It is believed that the 19 year old male and a 21 year old female tried to overtake a tractor in their Renault Cleo. The Police have issued this statement.

“At approximately 5:30am this morning, a couple have died on the A36 near Frome’s ASDA. We believe that the accident happened after they tried to overtake a tractor in their Renault Cleo on a blind bend, they then came face to face with an oncoming Mercedes and had tried to swerve only to clip the car, they then veered off into a tree. They were found dead at the scene and we are asking for any witnesses to come forward and contact us”.

Frome’s Drought

Frome’s long term drought has caused the number of stroke patients to rise to its highest level in over a decade. Doctors are urging the public to drink plenty of water or risk getting sun stroke, especially the elderly, teens and the young. According to the met office we are due another week of hot weather of temperatures reaching 42’c. After that it is estimated that the drought will cause a mega thunderstorm and from then on the temperature should get back to its normal levels but doctors say carry on drinking until then.

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Brother Paul said...

A clearly structured script with appropriate detail and plausible news values for a local station. Normally the working script would include the cues for music, station ID, jingle etc to assist the engineer and/or producer while the show was going out live. Reporter should identify him/herself. Link should identify police statement as coming from the scene.

Spelling: urge; doctors ( ordinary plural)