Media 04/11/09

Media Text Assignment

For this assignment I will be analysing a movie called ‘The Transporter 3’.
Firstly, the genre of the film is action/thriller as 70% - 80% of the film is fast moving.
The film uses a lot of camera angles that interpret the person or vehicle that is being filmed. For example, the camera may be placed at a close angle to make a person or vehicle look bigger because they are the main part of that particular scene, where as if a group of people, or more than one vehicle are filmed then the camera will be placed further away but may also be put close up for particular fight or chase scenes that will interest the viewer.

The music within the film is varied, if a scene is fast, such as the car chase, then club music will be played in the background. If a fight scene is taking place, then the music will be slow but very beaty.

The Colour of the film looks like its really high quality, I think they may have tweaked the contrast slightly and so there for, gives off a good effect. The film is good to view when there is this much colour in it.

Editing on the other hand is important, if your doing a fast paced film then in my opinion its important to get the editing perfect. I think they’ve pulled it off as the editing is really good, I like the way it flashes from one side of a room, to the other, keeping all voice and music sounds intact.

Computer graphics isn’t something that is used a lot in this film, its all mainly stunt work, but when graphics are used they are really realistic. For instance, a villain sticks his hand out the window of a car at the precise moment another vehicles window is inline with his, he gets his hand knocked off by the other vehicle. Another good example is when a fight scene is taking place in a garage and the villain falls underneath a raised car, when the transporter pushes the red button to lower the car it quickly crushes the villain.

The films movement is fast, most of the time. This is because the ratio of chasing to talking is 3:1. I think this is good to have as it kept me interested and I’m sure if anyone else watched it then it would keep them interested as well. The movement of the character in general has quite a lot af marshal arts involved, particularly in the fight scenes. This is good as it would suite both tastes, by this I mean it would suite people with interests in car chases and it would suite people who like marshal arts.

The Layout of the film is based on France and the surrounding countries. The transporter is raced and chased through different countries to get to the required destination. This I find is very interesting to watch and I’d watch other films like this which has the same sort of layout.

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Brother Paul said...

"interpret" - wrong use of verb. Better to say: "...camera angles that create particular meanings for the audience e.g a low-angle shot of an actor that reinforces an image of dominance or authority..."

" very beaty..." - not clear. Better to say:" uses an emphatic rhythm, like a heart beat, to build tension..."

What are the expressive connotations of colour?

"layout? - do you mean story line (narrative) or setting ( mise-en scene)

You have an enthusiastic response to the film but to express it clearly you need to to be confident with using more precise technical and theory terms! - go back and take another look at the terminology pages on our intranet site.