Media 04/11/09

Media Project Proposal.

The story that I am trying to tell in the film is a recently abandoned college just out of town (RNC), that’s had mysterious paranormal activity. A few kids in their late teens early 20’s are drawn to the area when they find out about the strange disappearances of the night staff who have vanished and never been seen or found again, which is why the college shut down four months ago. In the hope of finding the answer to the disappearances, the group enter the abandoned property and spend a few hours roaming around; but it becomes clear that they may have a one way ticket to hell, quite literally. Will they survive or will they just be victims of another disappearance, only time will tell.

If I was making the actual film, the group would find out about the closure of the college and the strange disappearances in the local paper. 4 months on and the group decide to enter the property, in hope of finding the people that have vanished. They find a way in through an open metal gate and approach the front entrance to the building, they find a way in and explore the vast corridors, twists and turns. Dark is approaching, and the group decide to split up and each take on a different wing and floor of the property, so that they can cover more of the building at once, little do they know it will be the last sunset they see. It gets to about 12am and one member of the group who is sitting in the corridor of the top floor, starts to hear strange noises. He sees shadows at the end of the corridor and hears the lift starting up, that hasn’t worked for the past 4 months.

The special attraction of the idea is that its very local to get to, in terms of place, seeing as I live here. I also think that with the colleges old main building it would make the perfect setting for a horror film. Another place of interest which is possible to include, with good camera angles, is my house (54 Venns Lane). The house, like the main building; also has old characteristics which would be good to add to the film. In my opion, it has its spooky sides when the sun goes down for the night.

I want to do it because I like the idea, its not too over the top with ideas. Where as an action film would be quite hard to do in terms of content. There for the Genre that I will be working in is ‘Horror’.

In terms of technical resources, I would need a camera, a computer and a tripod. I think that by using a tripod you can get a lot more steady footage where as if you were holding it by hand. The technical skills that I would need to develop are, fast camera movements and some more editing skills on the computer.

The production resources that I need are the main building, two or three people as actors and generally the campus of the college as my props are already there. I’m talking mainly about the old stair cases, long corridors and the old fashioned lift near the old gym, the building has lots of twists and turns which is good if the actor is acting lost or trying to escape something. The big glass windows would make a very good short camera clip as it would add to the atmosphere of the building. My house could also act as a prop within its self, with its huge old fireplace, wooden front door and a creaky staircase. The exterior of the property being filmed at night would make a good film clip. My Project may be distributed as a Horror film which is advertised on a website.
In my opinion, the potential audience could range from late teens to late forties, which would be my initial age bracket. I could promote and publicise it by building a website to go with it and doing a radio advert as well.

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Brother Paul said...

Exploiting the Victorian buildings of RNC is an excellent idea and provides a good basis for a movie in the doomed teen horror sub-genre, as we've shown in previous student productions. To extend your research check out Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead, the Scream movies and all the films they have inspired. You have chosen some promising locations. Don't forget the possibilities of sound in creating atmosphere - see my essay on Nigel Kneale's TV play The Stone Tape at:


What you need now is to identity crucial points in the storyline that tease the audience and suggest the enigma without fully explaining it or showing the final fate of the victims.