Media 10/10/08


My name is Luke Mitchell. This is my first blog on Blogger.com and i would just like to take this opportunity to explain what my blogs will be all about.

Before i get started i am just going to explain a bit about myself.

I am a full time Student in the West Midlands of the UK. I am studying A-level Media, A-Level Art, ECDL Advance in ICT, GCSE English Retakes and Level 2 mathematics. In my spare time i like to play on my Nintendo DS Lite, my laptop (worms world party, The Sims 2, both of which are class games), my playstation 2 (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, World Snooker Championship 05, Test Drive Unlimited). I also like to see friends, hang out with my girlfriend, travel to a few places, go bowling and go for a pint up my local pub.

The reason why i have set up this Blog site is so i can keep records of my progress of my media coursework throughout the accademic year.

Anyway, time for me to go and will blog back soon.
Bye for now.


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