Media 21/10/08

As i discussed in the previous post, my aim was to finish editing and add the edited audio clip to my Jingle.

I am pleased to say that i did that with not much difficulty, in fact hardly any difficulty. Firstly, i had to finish editing my final voice clip which i had to do today because i tried to do it over the weekend and it didn't come up with the software via the terminal.

I began by finishing my editing and moved on to pick one which i liked the most, i did this by listening through them a couple of times, it turned out to be the first one i had done. I split it into two part's: one part says "You are now tuned into....." and the other part says "You are now tuned into.....BASE FM". Just for writing purposes i will name the first part i mentioned part 1 and the other part 2.

Part 1 (You are now tuned into.....").
Part 2 (You are now tuned unto.....BASE FM").

Once these were split, i was then able to save them to the N drive on Windows XP. I them moved over to the Apple Mac and connected to the N drive from that computer. I placed the two parts onto the desktop of the Apple Mac, this saved alot of time and it was easy to find. I opened up Garage Band which is a podcast creator, along with my Jingle and played it through once, just so i was familiar with it again, although i made slight changes to it. I made it shorter by deleting a few themes which would have just taken more time. Also i think if you do too much then it ruins it and thats the feeling i got. Anyway, i opened Garage Band and placed both parts 1 and 2 into it. I placed part 1 just before thr rewinding starts and i placed part 2 where the rewinding ends. I thought the outcome was ok, but Pauls first word was "extrodanary". For those who don't know Paul, he is my lecturer for A-level Media. Once listening through my finished Jingle he advised me on a small thing which he thought needed changing, so i took that into consideration. He said that the edited voice clips weren't that understandable and they needed to be a bit clearer, and i think it was because i had too much base on my voice. So i went back to the Windows XP computer and started editing again, but this time, my new one doesn't have loads of echo and deepness in it, it is still deep at the end but it's not so deep that you can't understand it. I then saved it in My Documents and transferred it via memory stick. The reason why is because the Apple Mac wasn't showing the N drive even though it said it was 'Mounted', this means it's connected.

So it was back to the Mac for the second time, and again, i put the new audio clips onto the desktop. I deleted the old ones from my Jingle and inserted the new ones as before. Part 1 before the rewinding effect starts and part 2 after the rewinding effect ends. If i'm being honest, then i would say that the outcome was unexpected but in a good way. Some how the volume matched the volume of my jingle which it didnt before and also it is easier and clearer to understand.

I now have a good jingle and in my opinion, i think i am ready for the next stage which is scripting my presenting, as long as i have the all clear from Paul.

If so then i would say my aim by the end of my next lecture would be to have my script done, or if not then at least started but as i say, this is as long as Paul is happy with what i have done and as long as there isn't anything else that needs doing first.

Just to let you know my next Blog will be in November as half term is coming up next week and also because November is when i have my first Media lecture after half term. I would have Media this Friday but Friday is a travel day for us here at college.

See you next month.

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Brother Paul said...

Good progress, Luke. I'm glad that you're realising that the priority in making the jingle is to communicate with the listener and give the station a distinctive brand. The audio pun of delivering the name of the station in a bass voice is effective. One point re spelling: "bass' as in "drum & bass" is normally spelt as in "ass". You could call the station "Base FM" as in "Military base", of course - BASE FM - your Techno HQ - or something like that? Another (verbal) pun.