Media 14/10/08

Today, i am going to write about my media Proposals for my first project on the course.

For my project, i have to create a jingle along with a conversation with a guest speaker and some music. At the end of this, i should have created an opening sequence for a radio station of my choice, or it could be a fantasy radio station. This will run for approximatly 30 - 40 minutes. This show will be aimed at the younger generation, 16+ and as a result of this the show will be in an evening slot as most teens will be at school in the day time.

The theme for my radio station will be based on Drum'n'Base and my radio station will be called BASE FM, which, as far as i know, doesn't exsist so it is a fantasy radio station.

My Jingle will consist of music (Drum and Base) and speech which will give out the identity of the radio station to the Listeners. The Jingle will be set in a scenario where someone starts up a truck and tunes in the radio to BASE FM. The truck noise will then fade away as soon as the radio is in tune, leaving you with clear audio of my opening Jingle. It will then play a Drum and Base tune for roughly 5 or maybe 10 seconds and over the top of this there will be speech saying "You are tuned into...." and then there will be a rewind noise. Following that, there will be more speech saying, "You are tuned into.....BASE FM" with no music in the background.

This will be the point where the jingle ends and the presenting begins. I will present the show and introduce myself and of course the radio station. I will then give out hints as to who the guest will be, who will appear on the show. Following that i will explain what will be happening on the show and who my guest speaker is. At this point i will introduce the guest speaker and will just ask general questions on his past gigs, how he/she got into drum and base and how drum and base is actually played.

At this point i will play one or two examples of her/his music. This will then bring us to the end of the 30 - 40 minute show. i will close the show off by giving my thanks to the guest speaker and playing one final piece of music before the show actually ends.

I will construct this making the different pieces in order of sequence. So for example, the jingle scenario will be first, so i will make that first. Then i will record the opening speech that will go over the top of the Jingle that will give out the identity of the show. After that is finished i will move on to record the main part of the show and my conversions with my guest speaker, and finally. i will put in some examples of his music and finally, say my goodbyes and play the closing track for the station.

As far as my progress goes, i have already made the jingle and i am now ready to record the opening speech on friday that will go over the jingle.

All is going better than expected at this stage and i hope it carry's on that way.

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Brother Paul said...

You've put a lot of thought into this, Luke and considered the technical planning in some depth, so well done, but before you take this further, one reminder:

As I think I've explained the preliminary project only requires the INTRO to be submitted in the Foundation Portfolio- jingle, presenter chat, guest response, guest archive clip - no more than a minute or so.

By all means do the whole thing as a prerecorded special project for your slot on RNC Radio- the BASE FM show could easily be incorporated in the format - but we only need that opening snippet as
evidence of your preparation and learning for the main news project.