Media 17/03/09

As it stands, i am currently up to date with my recording.

I have recorded two of the three stories i have made up, 'Train Crash' and 'Car Crash', both of which i have managed to put in realistic sound effects to make them sound as if my chosen people are live reporters and policemen on the scene interviewing witnesses and giving out statements.

i still have to record my last story which is about the drought in Frome and i still have to record me, in the studio, introducing my stories as if i were on the radio, other than that i am on track.

My next and upcoming task will be to combine all these scenes together to make a news update.

As far as assignments go i have an upcoming evaluation on my projects this year, which will be completed before the easter halfterm.

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Brother Paul said...

When you do your evaluation you could think about the way sound effects enhance the representation of your subjects.