Media 24/03/09

I have been into studio 6 today to record my voice (the presenter) and i recorded two takes of the script which were both successfull to my suprise. I burnt a CD with my Jingle and outdoor recordings on it, this was done to minimize complications so that i could play them one after the other when i needed to.

After listening to them both, i chose the second take as it sounded better, so the first got deleted. I put it on the Ndrive and edited it using Audacity to cut out the blanks and the stutters, i also tried to put in a backing track for the headlines using Garageband but it didnt quite fit in with the seriousness with the news that was being read out.

I have saved a copy of the whole news project onto disk, so as i understand, i have only my evaluation to complete.

Overall, i can say that i am very pleased with it.

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